The era of “You can have it all!”

The life of a woman has changed over the past several decades… Evolving from being a family matriarch, cook, house keeper, mother and wife (to scratch the surface), today’s “Modern Woman” is all those things PLUS, a fitness guru, corporate ladder climber, volunteer, nutritionist, socialite and so much more. It’s like we took it to heart when our parents told us “You can have it all!”. How do we do it?

Most days, I don’t know… They are a flurry of activity as I try to plow through all the items on my “To Do” list as well as my “Want To Do” list. And the only person I have to worry about is me. Kudos to the mothers out there who do all this while caring for a husband and 2.2 children!

I firmly believe that to understand the lives we lead is to walk a mile in our shoes. That’s why only women get it. So I’m excited to launch this blog – a repository of information and a forum aimed at helping women achieve balance in their lives.

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