About the Blogger

Katerina IlievskaI am a Business Leader, an athlete, an MBA graduate, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a volunteer, a cook… a student of life. I am driven by passion and powered by sunshine (and my morning coffee). I love life, I love people and strive to be the best me that I can be. Every day is about finding balance – kicking ass at work, nourishing my body and soul, keeping the cellulite off and the wrinkles at bay.

I am surrounded by a network of brilliant and beautiful people from whom I learn and grow and uncover new ways to get the most out of life and keep it balanced. I am excited to share things I have learned, am learning now and have yet to learn with you. But most importantly, I’m excited to learn from you and your experiences.

Thank you for following my blog!


One response to “About the Blogger

  1. Good luck in your tournament tomorrow Miss_Kitty. I hope the dice roll well for you and the robber stays off your 6’s and 8’s.

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