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Gorgeous in green… Seafoam green!

Gorgeous in Green

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My favourite thing about summer is the introduction of all the beautiful, vibrant and just plain “make me feel pretty” colours to the wardrobe, combined with delicate, flowing fabrics. Something about the sunshine, smell of freshly cut grass and the gentle breeze flirting with my hems makes me feel especially pretty.

I was so excited to see all the delicate colours and sheer, flowing fabrics that line the racks of my favourite stores this spring. But I have to admit, I was especially excited to see seafoam green in this year’s colour pallet. Once reserved for outdated, blasé bathroom tiles and cringe-worthy bridesmaid dresses, seafoam green has come a long way and is the absolute “it” colour this spring and summer.

Not only is it feminine, flirty and beautiful, seafoam green will go with just about any other colour in your wardrobe. I had such great fun pulling together a few key seafoam green pieces to incorporate into my wardrobe including a phenomenal pair of seafoam and cream heels that I got for an incredible bargain! Last week, I even got a seafoam green manicure and pedicure which I have been getting a lot of compliments on.

I don’t think seafoam is going anywhere for a while, so if you like it, invest in a few classic pieces. A necklace, t-shirt, tank top, clutch and jeans are great pieces to get you started. You can pair any of these items with your existing wardrobe basics for a runway worthy look.

Happy shopping!

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Two full closets and nothing to wear!

Walk in wardrobeI was looking at my closets the other day (yes I have 2 large ones all to myself) realizing that, while they are overflowing, I always seem to struggle with what to wear. I decided it was time for a major purge, inventory check and a back to basics shopping trip.

I surprised myself with the number of items I have been holding onto since high school thinking someday, I’d wear them again. But more surprising was the fact that I was seriously lacking on some basic essentials every woman should have in her wardrobe to make “outfitting” easier. So I made a list, checked it twice, (made sure there were items both naughty and nice), and hit the mall.

To save you the trouble, I have prepared this list of “wardrobe essentials” every woman should have be sure to hang (or fold) in her closet.

 Jeans and Structured Jacket

The Structured Jacket

A great structured jacket pulls together any outfit and is a key essential for your wardrobe. Wear it with a matching pant or pencil skirt to create a power suit, over a basic tee with a scarf, jeans and flats for a casual look or with a flowing silk blouse, jeans and a pair of stilettos for a few evening cocktails with the girls.

Killer Jeans

Every woman needs at least one pair of form fitting, dark jeans that make you feel fabulous. A flattering pair lifts your bottom if you need it or accentuates it if you don`t. They are slim through the leg while still allowing you to sit down comfortably. They hit the waist at the right spot. This means no muffin top. Not even a little. And for some of us, this will require high rise jeans. I know, I know… low rise is all the hype. But when it comes to jeans, how they fit YOU matters most. And some of us are just not built for low rise jeans.

Black Pumps

A good pair of basic, black pumps are a versatile staple that can be paired with your power suit or killer jeans.

Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress

A simple, elegant and classic black dress is a great “go to” for more formal functions, especially if they are last minute social opportunities. The right dress will make you feel fabulous and sexy every time you put it on.


The Pencil Skirt

A simple, pencil skirt is another chic essential perfect for professional as well as social situations. Pair it with your silk blouse or tee


Silk Blouse

A silk blouse in your favourite and complementary colour is a great, versatile staple that can be paired with your power suit or killer jeans for a very stylish look. Team it with tailored shorts or a pencil skirt and you`ve got a year round go to for any occasion.

The Tailored Pant

Crisp and tailored black pants are absolutely essential for professional situations. But they’re not just a key ingredient for a power suit (along with your structured jacket).  Pair them with a simple tee and statement jewelry, a colourful silk blouse, a structured dress shirt or a cute cardigan for a variety of chic and professional looks.

black white and brown polyvore

The Basic Tee

The perfect basic tee should feel soft against your skin and hug your body without being skin tight or so loose it borders on frumpy. The style and fabric should look luxurious enough to be worn at work with statement jewelry or dressed down with your jeans for a leisurely Saturday stroll. When you find the perfect one, don`t be afraid to buy it in several colours. White, black, grey and in stripes are eternally elegant.

Yoga Pants and Hoodie

A good pair of yoga pants and a hoodie or zip are essential for casual days, walking your dog, hitting the grocery store, or even just lounging around the house.

Black Mid-Calf Boots

A pair of basic black, mid-calf boots is a great staple and the best way to “sexy up” an outfit. Whether you throw them over a pair of skinny jeans, leggings or pair them with a mini skirt and sheer stockings, they do nothing but wonderful things for your legs.

What are the essentials in your closet that you can`t live without?

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I called in “ugly” to work…

Katerina Ilievska - Pyjamas

In high school, I was THAT girl… You know the one… Flawless skin… Seemingly unaffected by the negative aspects of puberty. So imagine my surprise, when suddenly at the age 29, I developed an acne problem. A serious acne problem. Apparently my tendency to over achieve extends to my face too. So much so, there were days when I felt so unattractive and embarrassed, I actually called in “ugly” to work.

The search for a cause and solution began immediately with doctor and dermatologist appointments as well as the establishment of my own skin care testing facility where I tried concoction after concoction in an effort to shut down the zit farm.

Three years later, I have effectively cleared my face, with the exception of a small one here and there associated with my cycle. Although the main reason for adult-onset acne is hormonal, it is significantly exacerbated by stress levels. I found the more time I made in my life for exercise, meditation and R&R, the easier it was to see results from my skin care regimen. Diet also plays a big role. As soon as I changed my eating habits to include mainly fruits and vegetables with very little fat and oils, I started to see a big difference.

Still, special attention must be paid to the products you are using on your skin. Not just the cleansers, but also your make-up. Remember, our skin changes as we age, so the formulations you used as a teenager should not be in your shopping basket. There is no miracle prescription that works for everyone, no matter what acne product commercials tell you! We all have unique skin types, oil production and underlying issues that can impact the effectiveness of skin care products.

Your best bet is to see a dermatologist and learn more about your skin type, get some product recommendations and give them a try. You may have to try several different brands before finding the one that works for you, but be careful not to change things up too much. Give each product you try at least 2 months to produce results before trying something else. You may want to try different lifestyle changes at the same time to see if that increases the impact. An acne journal can help you keep track of the changes you are making and what impact they are producing.

Here are some practical things that will help, regardless of the nature or cause of your acne problem.


  • Non-comedogenic products are your friends. Look for this disclaimer on everything you put on your face
  • Use water or gel based formulas and avoid products with excess oil
  • Use a new make-up sponge for every application of foundation. This includes powder – the sponge included with your compact is not meant to be used forever.
  • Clean your make-up brushes regularly with proper make-up brush cleaning solutions
  • Change your pillow cases every few days. Dirt and oils accumulate on your pillow case while you sleep. Since your face spends at least 8 hours a day on your pillow, this can be a cause for breakouts.
  • Wash your face immediately after the gym. I do this before I even leave the gym locker room, especially after Hot Yoga. Your sweat releases toxins and it’s important that you remove those toxins from the surface of your skin while your pores are still open.


  • Avoid cleansers or other skin care products with scrubbing particles or a gritty texture as they can irritate the skin and clog pores
  • DO NOT WEAR MAKE-UP TO THE GYM – I don’t care how many hot guys who may be Mr. Right go there. Sweat combined with make-up is a bad recipe for clogging pores and causing breakouts and he’s not going to want to date you AND your zit farm, anyway.
  • DO NOT POP YOUR ZITS! This is a recipe for permanent scarring on your skin.


  • Call in “Ugly”.

What are your tips and tricks for maintaining a clear complexion?


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2013 Oscars Fashion Face-Off!


More than 40 million people tuned into the Oscars last night – and yes… I was one of them… I don’t really tune in to see who wins – although I was really happy to see Argo, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence take Oscar home. I tune in mainly to see the gorgeous gowns that I will never be in the vicinity of, let alone wear. Last night was no disappointment. There were some spectacular dresses!

I noticed three fashion trends:

1) Simple Solids –  Charlize Theron (Dior Haute Couture), Jennifer Aniston (Valentino), Anne Hathaway (Prada), Reese Witherspoon (Louis Vuitton) and Helen Hunt (H&M – Whaaat???) all elected for the simplicity and elegance of a solid, form fitting gown. I absolutely LOVE Charlize’s choice! She looks stunning in it and is being voted best dressed by many media outlets! I also love the classic style and vibrant colour of Jennifer’s gown.

Oscar Solids

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2) Molded Metallics – Stacy Kiebler (Naeem Khan), Naomi Watts (Armani), Jennifer Hudson (Roberto Cavalli), Jessica Chastain (Armani Prive) and Halle Berry (Versace) all opted for extremely fitted metallic, full length gowns. My faves of this group are Jennifer Hudson and Halle Berry. Esepcially if Halle’s comes with her body. That would be nice…

Molded Metallics

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3) Feminine Flow – Amy Adams (Oscar de la Renta), Amanda Seyfried (Alexander McQueen), Jennifer Lawrence (Dior Haute Couture) and Zoe Saldana (Alexis Mabille Couture) all chose extremely feminine, flowing gowns with a bit of a whimsical flaire. I am absolutely in LOVE with Jennifer’s choice and think she was stunning in it! Even when she tripped on her way up the stairs…

Feminine Flow

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Who was your fashion favourite? Vote now!

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