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2013 Oscars Fashion Face-Off!


More than 40 million people tuned into the Oscars last night – and yes… I was one of them… I don’t really tune in to see who wins – although I was really happy to see Argo, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence take Oscar home. I tune in mainly to see the gorgeous gowns that I will never be in the vicinity of, let alone wear. Last night was no disappointment. There were some spectacular dresses!

I noticed three fashion trends:

1) Simple Solids –  Charlize Theron (Dior Haute Couture), Jennifer Aniston (Valentino), Anne Hathaway (Prada), Reese Witherspoon (Louis Vuitton) and Helen Hunt (H&M – Whaaat???) all elected for the simplicity and elegance of a solid, form fitting gown. I absolutely LOVE Charlize’s choice! She looks stunning in it and is being voted best dressed by many media outlets! I also love the classic style and vibrant colour of Jennifer’s gown.

Oscar Solids

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2) Molded Metallics – Stacy Kiebler (Naeem Khan), Naomi Watts (Armani), Jennifer Hudson (Roberto Cavalli), Jessica Chastain (Armani Prive) and Halle Berry (Versace) all opted for extremely fitted metallic, full length gowns. My faves of this group are Jennifer Hudson and Halle Berry. Esepcially if Halle’s comes with her body. That would be nice…

Molded Metallics

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3) Feminine Flow – Amy Adams (Oscar de la Renta), Amanda Seyfried (Alexander McQueen), Jennifer Lawrence (Dior Haute Couture) and Zoe Saldana (Alexis Mabille Couture) all chose extremely feminine, flowing gowns with a bit of a whimsical flaire. I am absolutely in LOVE with Jennifer’s choice and think she was stunning in it! Even when she tripped on her way up the stairs…

Feminine Flow

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Who was your fashion favourite? Vote now!

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